Steel Shapes

Service Steel Warehouse offers a variety of structural steel Our mass inventory of structural steel shapes includes standard sizes and lengths to meet your comprehensive design requirements.

structural frame of a building
Split Tees
steel beams


The load-bearing support that steel beams provide when placed horizontally or vertically as columns make them ideal for construction projects. Our selection of steel beams includes:

  • Standard I-beams
  • Wide-flange beams
  • Junior beams
  • Tee beams

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steel channels


Steel channels, which are easy to cut, weld, and form, are utilized for a variety of structural applications, including manufacturing, repairs, general fabrication, and more. Service Steel Warehouse offers:

  • Standard channels
  • Miscellaneous channels

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Steel Shapes

Since structural steel shapes are available in such a wide range of styles and sizes, they can be used for a significant number of applications, such as:

  • Architecture and building construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heavy equipment
  • Marine piers
  • Shipping containers
  • Truck trailers

Service Steel Warehouse specializes in providing structural steel for larger-scale initiatives, such as manufacturing heavy equipment or building construction, rather than smaller projects like singular furniture building.  

Yes, the industry experts at Service Steel Warehouse will work with you to provide custom and hard-to-find steel products and shapes for your needs. Email or call 713-675-2631 to talk through your project’s requirements.

Service Steel Warehouse has a team of professionals that help import materials as needed to provide a one-stop solution for large buyers with complex needs.

Additional Steel Products

Service Steel Warehouse, which has been serving its customers since 1965, offers premium-quality carbon steel products throughout the U.S.


Rounds, squares, flats, rebar, and more

Structural Tubing

Round piling, pipes, rectangles, and squares

Coils, Plates, and Grating

Coils, mill plates, floor plates, bar grating, and more


Steel sheet metal