Galvanizing Services for Carbon Steel

At Service Steel, we galvanize steel by immersing steel products in a bath of molten zinc, which produces a multi-layered coating of zinc metal and zinc-iron alloy to encourage corrosion resistance. Referred to as hot-dip galvanizing, this process has been employed since the 18th century to provide enduring, low-maintenance protection from rust at a reasonable cost. Steel galvanizing involves a rather simple process, which makes it more advantageous compared to other methods for corrosion protection.

steel beam getting galvanized in zinc bath

Galvanizing FAQs

Steel is one of the most commonly used industrial materials. It’s valued for its strength and low production cost compared to other metals; however, if left untreated when exposed to certain environments — it can rust. Rust is the reddish-brown oxide that forms on the surface of iron and its alloys, including steel. It’s a type of corrosion that ultimately weakens the steel, making it a major concern for countless industries.

Zinc is a type of protective coating that can be applied to steel to discourage rusting. This process is called galvanization. Zinc prevents oxygen and water from reaching the steel beneath by forming a zinc oxide layer on the surface, and when there’s moisture present, that layer turns into zinc carbonate. This causes the surface of the metal to develop a dull gray patina that’s insoluble in water and resists any further chemical reactions. Galvanized steel resists corrosion far longer than painted steel but will degrade slowly over time.

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