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Service Steel Warehouse is your one-stop steel supplier. We stock a wide variety of structural steel products for large-scale construction and manufacturing projects. Browse our inventory or let our experienced team put together a custom quote for you today.

Structural Shapes

Standard I-Beams
  • Beams
  • Channels

Steel Merchants

  • Rounds
  • Squares
  • Flats
  • UM Plate
  • Rebar
  • Angles

Structural Tubing

Structural Tubulars
  • Square
  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Round Piling(up to 20" ASTM A252 Grade 3)

Steel Plates

mill plates
  • Mill Plate
  • Floor Plate

Steel Grating

metal grating
  • Expanded Metal Grating
  • Bar Grating

Steel Coils

steel sheet coil
  • Steel sheet coils available in a variety of sizes and grades.

Steel Sheets

steel sheets
  • Steel sheet metal available in a variety of grades and sizes.

Structural Steel FAQs

What is structural steel, and how is it commonly used?

Structural steel is a carbon steel, meaning that it contains up to 2.1% carbon by weight. This gives structural steel its strength, making it the ideal building material for a variety of industrial purposes.

Structural steel is more cost-effective, lighter, and stronger than other building materials, making it the perfect material choice for a variety of applications including architecture and building construction, shipbuilding, heavy equipment, marine piers, and more.


How strong is structural steel?

Steel has the greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any commonly used building material. The yield and tensile strength of structural steel vary by grade. Structural steel’s strength can be determined using the Charpy impact test.


Can I purchase non-standard shapes and lengths? 

Yes, Service Steel Warehouse offers production sawing and also flame cut plates to size. Our sales teams will help provide you with the products and services needed to meet the specifications for your project. 


What is a steel grade, and how do I select the appropriate grade for my project?

Steel contains a unique combination of iron and carbon and can be manufactured with other chemical elements that change the properties of the steel, as well. These various combinations influence the quality and strength of the steel. 

A “steel grade” refers to the chemistry that has been made and processed to produce the steel. It’s often defined by steel grade numbers, which specify the approximate carbon content. Carbon increases strength and hardness, whereas other elements, like aluminum and sulfur, improve durability and machinability, respectively. 

When selecting a steel grade for your project, it’s important to consider strength, corrosion resistance, cost, and recommended uses. For any grade questions, please contact the team at Service Steel by calling 800-675-9929.

Structural Steel Distributor with Full-Service Capabilities

Service Steel Warehouse offers a variety of services including cutting to length, flame-cutting,  and galvanizing, as well as a convenient just-in-time (JIT) delivery program.

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