Splitting Services for Steel T Beams

Tee beams, which are produced by splitting wide flange beams and I-beams. While they’re not as commonly used in construction, tee beams offer certain advantages when applied to other structural shapes. At Service Steel, we use a plasma track torch that’s designed for cutting the web of a beam to produce two steel tees. These cuts are typically made down the center of the beam but can be cut off-center if the intended project requires it.

split tee beams

T Beam FAQs

Service Steel offers structural steel tee beams in a full range of sizes from 5’ – 60’ in 5’ increments, in even quantities.

Tee split beams are split into two separate sections, while stitch cut beams remain intact with a 1” tab every 3’ depending on the length of the beam and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Steel tee beams have a wide variety of uses, including frames, repairs, roof trusses, shipbuilding, and pipe shoes. They’re most often used to achieve a specific structural steel shape.

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