Automotive Industry

machinery working on a car assembly line

In 2019, the automotive industry used over 182 billion lbs of steel in the production of vehicles (excluding tools, facilities, robotics, and infrastructure). That steel is critical to the efficiency, longevity, and most importantly, safety, of vehicles today.


These characteristics of steel make it a popular and ideal choice for many applications, especially in the automotive industry. Because of this, steel suppliers need to meet the strict criteria and enormous demand for the material.

Why Choose Service Steel Warehouse?

Our competitive edge is in our name: Service. Since our humble beginnings in 1965, we have taken pride in the accuracy, speed and quality of service we offer you.


Steel is not only 100% recyclable, but also has relatively low consumption of energy in the manufacturing process and Service Steel is no exception.

Premium Quality

Our steel is high-quality and available in different specifications for automobiles, the machinery assembling them, or the facilities they’re being assembled in.

Massive Stock

Our huge inventory means you don’t have to visit several suppliers to find what you need for different applications.

Ready-to-Ship Inventory

Our supply of steel products is also ready to ship the following day and allows you to get processes started even faster.


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Steel Applications in the Automotive Industry

Steel Car Lifts

car on a lift

Used far beyond the manufacturing process, car lifts are essential for assembling, checking, and repairing vehicles. This is why it’s incredibly important for them to maintain their strength and continue to operate safely and as expected. Whether for a home garage, professional mechanic’s garage, or the manufacturer’s facility, car lifts need the benefits that steel offers.

Industrial Robots

assembly line robot arms

During the manufacturing process, industrial and assembly line robots are used to do repetitive or dangerous tasks instead of a human. Steel’s strength and light weight allows it to carry large parts as well as moving quickly and precisely. This is critical not only for process efficiency but also reliability and safety.

Car Chassis

rendering of the chassis and wheels of a car

Most car chassis are largely made from steel now, and it’s for the same reasons that steel is popular in other industries. Strong, lightweight, and resistant to rust and corrosion means that it creates a safe foundation for the vehicle while getting good fuel efficiency and lasting longer than other materials.

Steel Exhaust Pipes

exhaust pipe and underside of a car

Although steel makes up a large portion of a vehicle’s safety structure, it can be used for smaller components like the exhaust pipe as well. This is helpful because steel is also durable against heating and cooling and therefore will last longer against the repeated temperature cycles as you use and shut off your car.



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