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Service Steel Warehouse

Service Steel Warehouse is a full-service steel supplier. Not only do we stock a wide range of structural steel and piling products, but we can also offer a full stack of steel services to customize your order to exactly meet your needs, no matter your industry or project.


harvester going through wheat
  • Our ready-to-ship stock of steel products supplies the agricultural industry's equipment, infrastructure, & more.


machines working on a car assembly line
  • Our steel products help the automotive industry to ensure precision, attractive pricing, safety, & more.


construction worker looking up at a crane
  • High-quality steel helps the construction industry build strong, lasting, safe, & cost-efficient projects.

Power Generation & Transmission

electric transmission towers
  • How energy is generated & distributed across the country (& world) requires infrastructure that can only be built with steel.

Oil & Gas

oil refinery and tanks
  • Steel is a critical piece of oil & gas processing operations because of its strength, corrosion resistance, & more.

Heavy Equipment

heavy duty dump trucks
  • The heavy equipment industry is a demanding one — but one where steel thrives because of its properties & versatility.


large-scale construction in a city
  • Infrastructure is an integral part of our daily lives & how our world is able to operate, supported by steel.

See Our Wide Range of Steel Products

Service Steel Warehouse has been a leading steel supplier since 1965. You’ll find that we stock a large variety of steel products that can be customized to meet your requirements. Learn more about our products by visiting these links:

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