Steel Tube

Square, rectangular, and round steel tubing can be manufactured by roll forming steel sheets into a cylinder shape and then welding the seam where the two edges meet. This roll forming process can be done through hot rolling or cold rolling, although cold rolling results in tighter tolerances and smoother finishes. The different shapes of steel tubing have a wide array of applications and uses, from car suspension to scaffolding to refrigerator tubing.

Service Steel Warehouse stocks the complete line of Hollow Structural Shapes (HSS) in standard sizes, as well as difficult-to-find squares, rectangles, and rounds. We keep larger steel tube shapes available in lengths of 28 feet, 30’s, 32’s, 34’s, 36’s, 40’s, 48’s, and 52’s, as well as 60’ lengths in stock for heavier and larger shapes. View more information about the types of steel tubing for sale below or request a quote now.

stack of steel tube
bundles of round steel tubing

We stock HSS Round 3” OD through 6” OD with 10” OD. We stock Pipe ½” STD through 20” XH.

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bundle of square steel tubing

We offer squares ½” x 16ga through 16” x 5/8 wall.

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stack of rectangular steel tubing

We offer rectangular tubing 2 x 1 x 16ga through 20 x 12 x 5/8” (or 2×1 up to 20 x 12, wall thickness 16ga up to 5/8” wall).

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Steel Tubing FAQs

Used primarily for structural purposes, steel tubing is commonly used for construction scaffolding, railings, automotive applications, pipelines, and more.

Steel tubes are commonly categorized as welded and seamless, which identifies how they were manufactured. Welded tubes are made by rolling steel strips, sheets, or plates into a tube shape and then welded along where the edges meet. Seamless tubes take a cylindrical billet of steel and use a mandrel rod to extrude the center and create a hollow tube. Service Steel primarily stocks welded steel tubing.

Structural tubing can have a wide range of prices based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

For more detailed pricing please contact your sales representative. Request a quote.

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