Steel Sheet Pile

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Steel Sheet Pile

Like other steel piling shapes, sheet piling is driven into the ground to provide stability and support for a range of construction applications. As its name suggests, these are steel sheets that form a support wall, rather than the round or H-shaped cross sections of other piling shapes. Sheet piling has both temporary and permanent uses, usually as retaining walls for excavation, underground structures, or seawalls.

We supply a large inventory of steel sheet piling for commercial or residential projects. Our stock covers standard sections with heights ranging from 16” to 20” and web thicknesses 0.335” up to 0.512”. We also offer full-service processing capabilities, such as galvanizing to increase moisture and corrosion resistance.

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Steel Sheet Pile Dimensions

sizing chart for double z sheet piling

JX Sizes

SectionWidth (in)Height (in)Web Thickness (in)Weight (lbs/ft)
JX 17-70027.5616.520.33549.19
JX 18-70027.5616.540.35451.54
JX 19-70027.5616.560.37553.82
JX 20-70027.5616.570.39456.18
JX 24-70027.5617.280.43363.90
JX 26-70027.5617.320.48068.88
JX 28-70027.5617.360.51273.85
JX 36-70027.5619.650.43379.36
JX 38-70027.5619.690.47284.60
JX 40-70027.5619.720.51289.84

Steel Sheet Piling FAQs

In temporary applications, steel sheet piling is often used to support projects such as underground parking, basements, foundations, and more. Another temporary use for sheet piling is as a cofferdam to drain or protect an excavation area from filling with water. Sheet piling can also be used in these applications permanently rather than temporarily, for uses such as retaining walls or building foundations and walls (particularly for underground spaces like basements).

Sheet pile is relatively lightweight compared to other piling options, which makes it easier to lift and move. There are also several different interlocking systems available for sheet piling, so you can always find the right option for your project.

Steel sheet piling prices can widely vary based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

For more detailed pricing please contact your sales representative. Request a quote.