Steel Channels

Service Steel Warehouse carries a complete line of hot-rolled steel channels, including bar, junior, miscellaneous, and standard channels. Our inventory includes channels ranging in sizes from 3” to 18”. These are commonly used in both commercial and residential construction, as well as other uses, such as transportation trailers, industrial maintenance, and machine manufacturing.

steel channels
standard channel

C-channels are a standardized channel section used in industrial and commercial construction, as well as the building of machinery and equipment.

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steel bar channels

Steel bar channels are hot-rolled to have a U-shaped cross-section. Common applications include railing and fencing, as well as other architectural uses.

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steel mc channel

Often referred to as “ship channels,” the strength of MC channels makes them ideal for equipment manufacturing, construction, and bracing.

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stair stringers

Steel junior channels typically have a lighter weight, about 6-10 lbs per foot. Junior channels are ideal for structural applications where lightweight is required, such as stair stringers.

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