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Steel plating is used in nearly every manufacturing project, from reinforcing hulls on ships to grain silos in the agricultural industry. A steel plate is a structural steel shape with wider aspect ratios than merchants or sheets. Our mass stock of steel plates is available in standard sizes and grades for commercial construction, bridges, and other large-scale projects.

Service Steel supplies 3/16” steel plates up to 4” steel plates or diamond tread plates. Our industry-standard carbon steel plates are available in custom sizing with fast quotes and shipping to help you get the job done on time. Contact our sales teams for any steel plate sizes you need to finish your next big project.

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mill plates

We offer heavy-mill plates in various sizes, with thicknesses ranging from 3/16” to 4”.

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Steel diamond floor plates are available in a variety of standard sizes, which we can also cut to size.

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Steel Plate FAQs

Steel plate is used in nearly every industry, including energy and agriculture. Steel plates reinforce fuel storage tanks, building foundations, and bridges. Vehicle, train, and ship fabricators also use steel plates for manufacturing hulls, frames, chassis, and other components.

Various methods can be applied to bend steel plates, depending on the desired shape or degree of the bend. In the press brake method, the steel plate is positioned over a die, and a punch applies enough pressure to mold it into the desired curvature. Another method for thicker plates is heat bending, which heats the steel and makes it malleable enough to reshape. 

Steel bars can be either rectangular or cylindrical, are typically thinner in diameter, and distribute weight more evenly than a steel plate. Besides a wider composition, steel plates have larger variations in depth and height. Lastly, steel bars are sometimes called merchants whereas steel plates don’t have another nomenclature.

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Service Steel Warehouse, which has been serving its customers since 1965, offers premium-quality carbon steel products throughout the U.S.


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