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Commonly referred to as “standard beams” or S-beams, I-beams provide strong load-bearing support, both when standing as columns or when used horizontally. Made of carbon steel, these beams are ideal for construction and civil engineering. In fact, they’re critical for a huge number of structures and have become one of the most recognizable steel shapes. The flanges of a beam resist bending forces, while the web resists shear forces. Common applications for I-beams include large structures such as warehouses, bridges, and foundational piling.

Service Steel Warehouse stocks a variety of ready-to-ship I-beams in a wide selection of sizes and lengths for any project you’re working on. We also offer full-service processing capabilities, such as cutting to the desired length or galvanizing for better corrosion resistance.

See our full I-beam sizing chart ranging from 3″ to 24″ here.

I-Beams FAQs

I-beams have immense strength and are typically used in applications where there are huge forces or loads acting on a structure. These uses include bridges, wide-span warehouses, structural frames of large buildings, and H-piling for foundations.

Similar to the difference between I-beams and wide-flange beams, the main difference here is the flanges’ taper. I-beams have flanges that thin out as they get further from the web, while H-beams have parallel flanges that are the same thickness throughout.

I-beams can have a wide range of prices based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

For more detailed pricing please contact your sales representative. Request a quote.