MC Channels

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MC Channels

What Are Steel MC Channels?

MC channels, also called miscellaneous or ship channels, have flanges that are generally thicker than their webs, and thus have higher static values. The tolerances for MC channels are in accordance with ASTM A6. Unlike C channels, the inner faces of MC channels’ flanges are parallel, which makes them easier to assemble. Common applications for MC channels include nonresidential building construction, stairs, foundations, and other architectural uses.

Service Steel Warehouse stocks a variety of ready-to-ship MC channels in standard sizes in various lengths. In addition, we also offer full-service processing capabilities, such as galvanizing or flame cutting to the desired length.

See our full sizing chart for standard channels from 3″ to 18″ here.

Steel MC Channel FAQs

MC channels are an abbreviation for miscellaneous channels, which are usually made from carbon steel.

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C channels have tapered flanges, meaning that the flanges’ inside surfaces aren’t parallel. MC channels have parallel flanges that are flat and not sloped, making them easier to assemble or bolt because no spacer washers are needed to create a flat bolt surface inside the “C”.

MC channels have many uses but their flat flanges and the high strength of steel make them great for architectural applications such as structural supports and stairs. In addition, they’re also commonly used in tractor-trailers, car frames, ships, and more.