Do You Need Cambering for Your Projects?

At Service Steel, we offer a range of finishing services to ensure that you get steel that fits your requirements. This is because when steel is shipped from a mill, it’s often done in standard sizes and shapes that won’t necessarily be the final product you need. Having an intermediate step where your steel is processed and tailored to your individual specifications is crucial. Our cambering and bending services not only give more strength to your steel beams and structural steel products, but give them a custom shape and size for construction projects such as bridges.

Steel Bending & Cambering Services

Bending steel products is performed by creating a curve along the long axis of a piece of metal, or turning a straight beam into an arc. Bending can either be considered camber (bending along the vertical axis) or sweep (bending along the horizontal axis). Cambered beams and structural steel can support vertical forces more efficiently because of their shape’s weight distribution and give a different aesthetic look to your project. Sweep can provide additional support to a canopy against the weak axis. Either category of bending is usually achieved by using a cambering machine that holds the flat steel product at either end, then applies pressure from hydraulic cylinders between each end to bend the steel. This bending point is often the perfect center of the product’s length, but can be offset to different areas of the beam depending on specifications. Call our team of experts or request a quote today.

curved roof with cambered steel beams

Bending & Cambering FAQs

Cambering a steel beam will increase its yield and tensile strength, but decreases its ductility and toughness in the process. Some projects also require curved steel to meet certain aesthetic or dimensional requirements.

Steel beams are the primary product that cambering or bending is used for.

Camber refers to a bend or arc along the beam’s vertical axis (in line with its web), while sweep refers to a bend or arc along the beam’s horizontal axis (in line with its flanges).

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