High-Quality Sheet Steel

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High-Quality Sheet Steel

Steel sheet metal is easy to cut and bend, making it a fundamental material for countless fabrication purposes. Its thickness is measured by its gauge (the larger the gauge, the thinner the sheet), see our chart below for gauge specifications. This thinness allows it to either come in flat sheets or as a continuous coil (or roll) of steel that can then be cut to your desired dimensions. Because of its versatility, steel sheet metal can be used for a wide variety of applications, from truck and airplane bodies to medical tables.

Service Steel Warehouse stocks ready-to-ship ASTM A1011 grade sheets ranging from 16 gauge steel sheets up to 10 gauge. We also offer comprehensive finishing services such as galvanizing and painting to make sure you get exactly what your projects need.

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If you need premium sheet steel, our warehouses across the country are able to quickly get you the product you need, on time. Using our locations along the Gulf Coast, we even send steel to international destinations! Fill out the form above or call our team of experts to get a free quote for your project today.

Steel Sheet Gauge Chart

Gauge Thickness (in) Weight (lb/ft²)


Steel sheet metal is incredibly useful in a range of applications because of its relatively basic shape and functionality. Its uses include building roofs, airplane wings and fuselages, medical tables, gutters, automobile bodies, HVAC ducts, and much more.

Steel is well-known for its resistance to corrosion and common weather conditions. This, combined with its relatively light weight, make it a great option for sturdy roofs in a variety of buildings and applications.

Because of how thin it is, steel sheets are often cut from continuous coils of steel, while plates are flat products. Another difference is that a steel sheet’s thickness is typically measured in gauges, while a steel plate’s thickness is often measured in inches.

Steel sheets can have a wide range of prices based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

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