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Carbon Steel Grating

Steel grating is a strong grid assembly of steel bars or diamond slits in sheet steel and is a common structural choice for load-bearing applications that require open floorings or additional traction. These applications would include pedestrian walkways, stair treads, and drainage covers. Grating comes in a variety of specifications, such as bar grating or expanded grating, and can be serrated or galvanized to fit your project’s needs. Service Steel stocks one of the largest ready-to-ship inventories of steel grating, so you can get exactly what you need — when you need it. Request a quote today.

pedestrian walkway made from steel grating
steel bar grating

We offer bar grating from ⅛ x 1-¼ to ¼ x 1-½ ” in both a bare and galvanized finish, serrated or smooth.

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expanded metal grating

Expanded metal grating is available in sizes #2 to #7.

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Steel Grating FAQs

Steel grating is designed for high strength and grip (often made with a serrated surface for even more traction), making it ideal for a variety of walking surface applications. These include industrial or operating floors, walkways and catwalks, stair treads, trenches, and other areas that need open floors for ventilation or drainage, such as chemical or water treatment plants.

Expanded metal is often thinner than bar grating but can still be used as walkway flooring or drainage covers. While thinner than bar grating, it’s stronger than wire mesh and is also used in applications such as fences, where bar grating is much less common due to its weight and appearance.

Steel grating can have a wide range of prices based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

For more detailed pricing please contact your sales representative. Request a quote.

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