Why Do You Need Flame Cutting?

Carbon steel products typically come in standard sizes and thicknesses from the mill. However, customers often have specific size needs that can differ from the standard sizes offered. This is when you’ll need a steel cutting service to tailor your steel products to what the project actually requires. For most of our products, we recommend and offer flame cutting services to achieve this.

Steel Flame Cutting Services

Flame, or oxy-fuel, cutting of carbon steel is an effective and efficient way to cut your metal to size and shape. The process uses a torch that combines heated oxygen and fuel gases to melt and remove steel, which is highly effective for large steel products like beams, plates, jumbo tubing, and more. Flame cutting is also the most cost-efficient method for large-scale cutting needs, meaning that your project budget doesn’t have to suffer. With capabilities to cut through 5” steel and 1/16” tolerance, call our team of experts or request a quote today.

flame cutting steel


Flame cutting (also known as oxy-fuel cutting or oxy-acetylene cutting) is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and a fuel source to create a flame with enough energy to cut steel to the size or shape required. Flame cutting results in a smooth burn and a cut edge that is square within 1/16” tolerance.

This type of flame cutting is used most commonly for mild steel due to oxidation properties. Because of the melting point of the oxides in the metal, it causes other materials like stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum to quickly oxidize and form a protective crust that prevents the oxy-fuel from fully cutting through the material.

  • Lower cost than other cutting methods
  • Able to cut materials with a greater thickness
  • Able cut through a large metal surface area
  • Can be integrated with CNC technology for precision cutting

Any of our carbon steel products can be cut to shape and size. This service is often used on steel plate, but can also be used to cut products such as steel sheet and piling to size as well. Contact us to speak with one of our representatives who can help you determine what products and services you may need.

In addition to cutting to length, flame cutting can also be used to cut steel into various shapes upon request. To learn more about this service, contact one of our sales representatives today.

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