Steel Sawing for Your Projects

Construction projects can be made unnecessarily complicated if the metal you buy isn’t already sized to your specifications. Unfortunately, steel mills often sell in standard sizes and dimensions for the sake of manufacturing efficiency. Instead of making huge investments in equipment and labor to cut your steel in-house, outsourcing this process can drastically improve your efficiency to get projects done on time and on budget. Our experts can ensure that your steel is cut to the exact dimensions you need quickly and within tight tolerances.

Steel Sawing Services

While technology has advanced (and in many cases become more expensive), some traditional methods of manufacturing have remained the same due to their effectiveness and reliability. Production (or precision) sawing is one of those methods, where equipment has been upgraded but the basic idea remains the same. As its name suggests, this is a way of processing steel products that allows for much more precise tolerances than other cutting methods. Precision saw cutting is used to cut steel materials into bars, pipes, plates, and tube forms.

At our facility, we can saw parts to meet your fabrication needs. Service Steel Warehouse offers precision sawing services for all of our structural steel products to provide turnkey metal solutions. Call our team of experts or request a quote today.

man cutting steel channel with circular saw

Steel Sawing FAQs

No, steel is cut using a variety of methods depending on the needs. Flame cutting is common for large products, while sawing is used where more precision is required. Other methods include water jet cutting and laser cutting.

Depending on the size and shape of what’s being cut, a circular, chop/miter, or band saw are the most common options.

Steel cutting can have a wide range of prices based on product, size, other services, market conditions, and other factors.

For more detailed pricing please contact your sales representative. Request a quote.

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