Structural Steel Beams

Service Steel Warehouse stocks a wide range of beams to meet all your commercial and industrial fabrication needs. Our Wide Flange beam inventory includes 4” through 44” beams and we also offer Standard I-beams between 3” and 44” in a wide selection of sizes and lengths. If you require a Split Tee, we can provide that service as well. In addition to maintaining our robust inventory, we’re also committed to providing the best possible service.

steel beams
steel i beam

I-beams are a structural steel section on which the flanges are tapered and typically not as long as those on a wide-flange beam.

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split tee beams

In addition to offering standard i-beams and wide-flange beams, Service Steel Warehouse also can also offer Split Tees processed by stitch cutting or fully splitting wide flange and standard I-beams.

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steel wide flange beam

Wide flange steel beams, which do not have tapered flanges, are typically the right angles at the web, featuring an equal thickness from the tip to the web.

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