The Importance of Impact Testing

Different projects have different requirements. In some cases, you need steel that is more durable and less brittle, while other situations might require a harder surface that doesn’t need to absorb or resist large forces. The toughness of your steel needs to be measured to ensure that it fits the required tasks, which is done by impact testing. Using Charpy testing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your steel products are exactly what you need.


Charpy Testing for Your Steel Products

The Charpy impact test method, also known as the Charpy V-notch test, will determine the impact strength and toughness of carbon steel products. It does this by measuring the amount of energy absorbed by a pendulum tool, with more brittle metals breaking more easily than “tougher” metals. This ensures that it’s suitable for the specific application needs of your large-scale construction or manufacturing project. While testing for resilience, the longevity of the product can be gauged to estimate its lifespan. Service Steel Warehouse offers impact testing on all of our carbon steel products, so talk to our team of experts or request a quote today.

broken impact test specimen


Impact testing calculates the amount of energy absorbed during fracture to determine the toughness of the steel. The tests are performed at various temperatures to better understand the effects on impact energy.

Results from these tests are useful in assessing whether or not a material is suitable for a specific application, and also provide an estimate of the product’s projected lifespan. The tests are usually measured in Joules (energy “lost” by the hammer) or foot-pound per inch.

V-notch testing involves striking a standard notched, steel metal product with a weighted pendulum. The metal will break at its notched cross-section (hence the name “Charpy V-notch”) upon impact, and the pendulum’s upward swing is used to gauge the amount of energy absorbed, which is an indicator of the brittleness of the metal.

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