Rectangular Steel Tubing

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Rectangular Steel Tubing

We offer rectangular tubing 2 x 1 x 16ga through 20 x 12 x 5/8” (or 2×1 up to 20 x 12, wall thickness 16ga up to 5/8” wall).

Rectangular steel tubing is a welded structural grade tubing and is widely used in agricultural implements, transportation equipment, industrial maintenance, truck bed, trailers, etc. Its rectangular shape provides more strength than angles or channels, and it’s also easy to weld and cut. Service Steel Warehouse stocks ready-to-ship tubing in standard lengths, as well as offers full-service processing capabilities, such as cutting to the desired length.

Rectangular Tubing Sizes

Nominal Tube Size (in) Length (in)Width (in)Wall Thickness (in)Weight (lbs/ft)
3.5x2. 6.87
3.5x2. 8.81
4x242.3125 10.58
4x242.3750 12.17
4x343 .312512.7
4x343.3750 14.71
5x252.1875 8.15
5x252.2500 10.51
5x252.3750 14.72
5x35 3.1875 9.42
5x35 3.2500 12.21
5x35 3.5000 21.63
5x35 3.312514.83
5x35 3.375017.27