Agriculture Industry

harvester going through wheat

One of the oldest and most important industries on the planet, agriculture provides us with food, fuel, and many other resources that are vital to our survival. Steel products help them harvest, process, and store these resources, but also need to be reliable and safe. Not only that, but it allows for lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting machinery to get the job done.


From silos to hay balers to livestock equipment and fencing, steel has supported agriculture since 1837 when John Deere invented the steel plow. Since then, farmers and those in this industry require the highest-quality steel to make their processes more efficient and safe, and steel suppliers need to meet those high standards.

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Galvanized steel products provide corrosion resistance from chemicals, dirt, heat, and other factors present in agricultural environments.

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Steel Applications in Agriculture

Galvanized Steel Farm Gates & Fencing

steel fence gate and chain

Used outdoors for pastures, inside for livestock facilities, and a variety of other locations, fencing and gates are often galvanized steel because of its properties. Beyond strength and ability to resist the strength of large livestock such as cattle, galvanized steel is also resistant to rusting and can last for decades outside, and be maintained easily inside because of this.

Agriculture Tanks & Silos

metal silos in a field of wheat

Used to keep bulk products stored and safe, steel is often used in tanks and silos because it is relatively easy to shape into a cylinder and form the structure. Steel also provides the strength of concrete without the huge weight, making it a great option for use on softer soils, as well as having more effective seals from moisture and insects than wood and other materials.

Steel Plows

large tractor pulling a plow through soil

When plowing was initially done in the midwestern United States, wooden plows often broke due to the tough soil. Steel changed this with its strength and smooth finish, which didn’t allow the soil to get stuck to the plow. Even better, the resistant properties of steel made the tools last even longer and it’s still used in the much larger and more efficient versions today.

Greenhouse Steel Frame

large greenhouse with metal framing and equipment

Similar to the benefits of fencing and gates, galvanized steel tubing also prevents rusting in harsh outdoor environments and inside humid greenhouses. The frame and support structure can use less material and be more spaced out because of steel’s strength and long lifetime.


Structural Tubing

Round piling, pipes, rectangles, and squares

Structural Shapes

Channels and beams

Coils, Plates, & Grating

Coils, mill plates, floor plates, bar grating, and more


Rounds, squares, flats, rebar, and more

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