Steel Angles

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Steel Angles

A steel angle (also referred to as angle iron) is a 90° L-shaped steel merchant made from hot rolling carbon steel. Steel angles are made up of two perpendicular “legs” that have a variety of specifications to fit any situation. Its profile and shape add strength and rigidity to a structure, making it one of the most commonly used structural shapes. While the most conventional types of steel angles are right angles and have legs of equal length, there are variations with legs of different lengths (unequal angles) and angles other than 90°.

Steel Angles For Sale and Ready-to-Ship

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Steel Angle Size Charts

Equal steel angles and unequal steel angles refer to two types of L-shaped profiles made from steel, and their key distinction lies in the dimensions of their legs. In equal steel angles, both legs are equal length, while unequal steel angles have legs that are different in length.

If you’re looking to buy steel angles, below we have detailed information about the dimensions and properties of the different types of steel angles we offer.

Click here to view our Equal Steel Angle Size Chart (¾″ to 8”)

Click here to view our Unequal Steel Angle Size Chart (2″ x 1½” to 8″ x 6″)

Features of Steel Angles

Steel angles are versatile structural elements widely used in construction and various industrial applications due to their excellent strength, durability, and adaptability. These L-shaped steel merchants, often referred to as angle irons, are formed by bending a single piece of steel at a right angle. This design provides stability and support in a variety of scenarios. 

In construction, steel angles are most often used in framing, bracing, and supporting structures. They are commonly used to reinforce corners, edges, and joints, adding structural integrity to buildings and preventing deformation. Steel angles also play a vital role in the construction of metal frameworks, offering a cost-effective solution for creating robust and durable structures.


While the most common angles usually have right angles and equal-length legs, unequal angles have legs of different lengths and some variations use wider or narrower angles than 90°.

Angle irons are typically measured by their dimensions, including the length of each leg and the thickness (or gauge) of the metal. The standard dimensions are commonly expressed in inches.

Steel angles are frequently used for framing, brackets, and other forms of reinforcement. Because of their adaptability and relatively small size, they can be used in a variety of industries, from furniture to infrastructure.

Angles can have a wide range of prices based on size, rendered services, market conditions, and other factors.

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