Power Generation & Transmission Industry

electric transmission towers

Steel has helped revolutionize many industries, but one of the most important in the 21st century is power generation and transmission across the country. As the likelihood of a transition from fossil fuel-powered electricity to renewable energy increases, steel is the bridge from one to the other.


From the traditional facilities such as coal-fired and nuclear plants to the next generation of energy production like wind and geothermal, steel makes it possible to build on the scale necessary while maintaining reliability and longevity. We’re proud to work with the power industry to help people across the country have dependable energy infrastructure.

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Steel is 100% recyclable while still maintaining its strength and properties that have made it so popular in the various forms of power generation and transportation.


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Steel Applications in Power Generation & Transmission

Biomass, Hydroelectric, & Wind Energy

wind turbines out at sea

Whether used in the agricultural industry for biomass collection, reinforcing concrete hydroelectric dams, or constructing wind turbines (both on land and offshore), green energy would not be possible without steel. This is because of its ability to endure the harsh environments required, its structural strength, as well as its recyclability.

Lattice Towers & Transformers

lattice electric transmission towers

On average, just one high-voltage transmission tower is made up of between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds of steel. Transporting electricity and making it safe to enter peoples’ homes is a massive undertaking and is only possible with the scale and durability that steel provides.

Transportation Infrastructure

train carrying ethanol in large tanks

Beyond the towers that deliver electricity to users, huge amounts of steel are used for railways, ships, and more to transport other forms of fuel across the country and even the world. These transport networks rely on steel’s strength for bridges, longevity for rail systems, corrosion resistance for ships, and much more to get you the energy you need.

Oil Extraction & Storage

oil refinery piping and tower

As we discuss on our Oil & Gas page, steel is also critical in many parts of the oil production process. From offshore drilling platforms and flowlines to refineries and storage tanks, steel allows the oil and gas industry to process harsh chemicals and materials without having to worry.


Coils, Plates, & Grating

Coils, mill plates, floor plates, bar grating, and more


Steel sheet metal


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Structural Shapes

Channels and beams

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