What is Steel Made of?

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What is Steel Made of

Steel is made of carbon and iron, along with other elements, called alloys. The exact composition of steel varies widely depending on the desired properties and intended application. Different combinations of these elements will create various types of steel grades with diversified characteristics such as strength, hardness, durability, and appearance. What’s more, scrap metal can be recycled to make new steel, giving the material an even longer life.

How is steel made?

There are several different methods and processes involved in creating steel, but it typically follows these steps:

  1. The raw materials, such as iron, are first mined from nature where they are made. 
  2. Then the iron ore is mixed with coke (a form of coal) and limestone is melted together to produce molten iron.
  3. After, impurities are removed using one of two processes: a basic oxygen furnace or an electric arc furnace.
  4. Next, alloying elements, such as carbon, are added to enhance the properties of the steel before it is shaped.
  5. The final steps are typically different painting, coating, or finishing applications to further enhance and support the final product’s intended usage.

Where does steel come from?

Steel primarily originates from iron ore, which is mined from the earth’s crust. Iron ore is a natural resource found in various forms, such as hematite and magnetite. Additionally, steel can be recycled from scrap metal and reprocessed to create new steel products.

Is steel formed naturally?

No, steel is not formed naturally. The creation of steel was developed centuries ago through human processes that refine the ore and enhance its durability. Refining iron ore in furnaces helps to remove impurities, as well as adjust its composition. The result is a new, man-made material with specific properties for various applications.

How do you turn iron into steel?

In the most simple terms, iron ore mined from the earth is turned into steel by heating it up and removing the impurities. This makes it stronger and more useful to shape into different forms, like sheets or beams, to build things from skyscrapers to automobile parts.

What percentage of steel is iron?

Steel is primarily composed of iron and it typically ranges from 98% to 99.5% of its composition. Carbon and other alloying elements make up the remaining percentage.

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