Steel Rods

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Steel Rods

Round bars are cylindrical steel rods that are ideal for many industrial and commercial applications because they are strong, ductile, and easily weldable. Solid steel bars are most commonly used to construct power poles and create machine components. Heavy-duty stainless steel bars are ideal corrosive-resistant components for grills and fasteners.

Service Steel Warehouse stocks a variety of ready-to-ship round bars in standard sizes and offers full-service processing capabilities, such as cutting to length.

Steel Round Bars FAQs

Practical uses for round bars include both industrial and commercial applications such as reinforcing structural engineering projects, manufacturing screws and bolts, and automotive components.

Rebar is short for “reinforcing bar,” and both standard rebar and steel round bars can be used to reinforce concrete’s tensile strength. However, rebar typically has a knurled surface for greater traction while round bars have a smooth surface.

The most common lengths for round steel bar stock are typically 20 or 40 feet. However, Service Steel stocks a wide variety of sizes in addition to these common lengths. We can also cut standard steel bars to fit your project’s specifications and needs — get in touch for a quote today!

Service Steel Warehouse can support all of your steel bar needs. We stock one of the largest inventories of steel merchants, offer fast and reliable shipping, and are competitively priced. Call our sales team to start your order.